FOOTBALL Conference general manager Dennis Strudwick has defended the league’s stance regarding the rejection of Salisbury City FC’s appeal.

Mr Strudwick, who was belittled in a public statement issued by the Whites last week after their appeal at Wembley was dismissed, has said the Conference has done everything in its power to help the crisis club.

Mr Strudwick, pictured, said: “We pushed back deadlines for the club to try and help them get the matter of ownership resolved but nothing materialised.

“I first approached Salisbury on May 15 regarding administrative issues and here we are three months down the line and it still hasn’t been sorted.

“I understand that the consortium board want to fight to the end, but I wouldn’t like to speculate what the next step would be.”

Moving forward, the Whites new consortium board members are still trying to reclaim ownership of the club from Moroccan businessman Otail Touzar.

Despite several injunctions put in place against Mr Touzar when the club visited the High Court on Thursday, more work is in store for board members David Phillips, Jacqueline Goddard, Graeme Mundy, Jeremy Harewood and Mark Winter to help Whites emerge on their feet.

That includes another court ap p e a r a n c e today to provide judge Mr Justice Mann with more e v i d e n c e .

However, having already spent £40,000 in legal fees, this trip and an FA appeal hearing will cost the club an extra £60,000. Additionally, Whites’ CEO Paul Smith has written a letter to FA chairman Greg Dyke, who lives on the outskirts of Salisbury, in a plea to help save the club, boasting a 67- year heritage, from folding.

But despite being in limbo, and being stripped of t h e i r Conference South status following a double demotion, there’s a p o s s i b i l i t y Salisbury could join the likes of neighbours Bemerton Heath Harlequins in Wessex Premier – but most sides are already four games into the new campaign.

Wessex League president Dennis Chalice said: “The final decision will come down to the FA as they are the ones who allocate teams to our leagues.

“We haven’t had a replacement since Sholing left the league, so I can see no problem with Salisbury slotting in.

“Obviously there will need to be some adjustments to the fixtures and scheduling, but it would be good to have a full list of fixtures once more.”

  • Salisbury City apprentices Adam Flint and Sam Roberts have joined ex Whites frontman Robbie Matthews at Gosport Borough.