AFTER six intense weeks of Futsal FA cup qualifiers, FC Salisbury United took the crown on goal difference ahead of runners-up Local Champs.

A delighted FC Salisbury United coach Geoff Bonner said: "There were no easy games and we must give a s p e c i a l mention to AEK Salisbury who played some scint i l l a t i n g Futsal during the tournament.”

“In the end, it was out of our hands and we relied on a star man performance from the AEK keeper to win the qualifying league for us. It's not an ideal way to win the league but I must admit it was an exciting last 10 minutes.”

United will go on to represent the whole Salisbury area in the Futsal regional finals of the FA Cup on Sunday at the Swindon Futsal arena.

The competition is expected to be tough with two t e a m s f r o m Somerset, S w i n d o n a n d G l o u c e s t e r University, and one team from Devon and another side from the National League.

  • Futsal is a Brazilian five-aside game played indoors.