FINANCIALLY strapped Salisbury City FC say they will have to spend another £50,000 to prove they have new and responsible owners to enhance their chances of being reinstated in Conference South.

The Whites recently announced they had restored ownership of the club, with a consortium board of five supporters; Jackie Goddard, David Phillips, Graeme Mundy, Mark Winter, pictured right, and Jeremy Harwood. But now they need to make expensive submissions to the High Court to prove their veracity.

The creation of the new board of directors came after ex-chairman William Harrison-Allan and Jeff Hooper took legal action to void the sale of the club made to Moroccan businessman Otail Touzar, as a 98 per cent shareholder, and Mr Winter in May.

Having already spent £45,000 in legal fees to solve the ownership saga, the club are now heading to the High Court so they can present evidence of new ownership material to the FA and Football Conference. Next week’s trip will cost the club an additional £50,000 but, if successful, will leave Mr Touzar the option of an expensive challenge himself in the courts.

“If we don’t go to court the club will cease to exist,” explained Whites’ CEO Paul Smith.

“Not taking this option will see the club disappear but I’m confident it will be sorted."

In recent weeks, the Whites have lost up to 15 players, along with their manager Mikey Harris, following expulsion from the Football Conference.

And if the club’s appeal to be reinstated in C o n f e r e n c e South is successful, they will start the season on August 9.

Pundit and ex-professional Steve Claridge, who has played more than 1,000 professional matches, has been speaking with Mr Smith on Saturday about the manager’s vacancy.

And Mr Smith says the initial talks have gone well.

He added: “I have held talks with him and I’m personally keen to reach an agreement with him. Currently things have gone well.”

The club say they are currently trying to put a squad together in time for their pre-season friendly at Poole Town on Tuesday.