AHEAD of the crucial High Court date tomorrow, Salisbury City FC’s new consortium owners have spoken publicly about the clubs current situation.

In a statement released by the club, they are absolutely appalled by the situation that Otail Touzar has placed the club and supporters in.

Whites lawyer Chris Farnell has said: “It is about time that the fans were made aware of the serious damage that Mr Touzer has caused the club by his actions and promises, all of which have amounted to absolutely nothing.”

“The club now has to fight for its survival as a direct consequence of Mr Touzar, failing to make himself available in the correct legal channels.”

"The situation the Club finds itself in presently is almost unique in football history.”

The Whites will discover their fate from the High Court tomorrow but the possibility of a FA appeal still hangs over the club.

Salisbury have struggled to get a proper pre-season under their belt with the new season kicking off on Saturday, August 9.

Fans have been left in suspense as they watch players walk out the door, unsure if they will have a club to play for come the start of the season.

Club CEO Paul Smith added: “"The legal costs alone due to the appalling behaviour of this man have crippled the club.”

"We are, as a club fighting for our very existence. If Mr Touzar genuinely believes he is the owner of the club then where is he?”

"To date all he has done is stolen £4,000 out the club and released lie after lie on a free website."

The added sum of £50,000 for court cost is another burden the club can do without, with plans put into place if outcome is in the favour of the club.

The future of Salisbury City FC still hangs in the balance.