SALISBURY City FC’s board of director’s refuse to throw in the towel, as the ongoing battle with Otail Touzar continues.

The clubs High Court date has now been delayed, due to the clubs lawyers being unable to reach Mr Touzar to serve him with legal papers.

Priority number one is still to regain ownership of the club and get reinstated into the Conference South.

As the season set to kick-off on August 9, the Whites’ find themselves at a distinct disadvantage, with no time to assemble a squad or have a proper pre-season.

The club state: “Nobody has seen Mr Touzar for almost two months, he has gone on the run in an attempt to deliberately avoid us.”

“It is evident he is only driven by a desire to completely destroy this football club. Logic says if indeed, he had nothing to hide, he would come forward.”

“He has no legal team despite what he claims and is highly unlikely to even see this through when a case like this can cost, with proper legal representation, in excess of £15,000.”

The Whites’ are set to face Forest Green Rovers, at Ray Mac, on Saturday August 2.

The fans, board and players alike will be hoping the news will finally be about that is happening on the pitch.