SCOTT Conley became the hero of the hour during Salisbury FC’s FA Trophy game against Paulton Rovers, as he stepped in as linesman.

In the 43rd minute of the game referee Dale Wootton pulled up with a hamstring injury and was unable to continue.

With no fourth official available to take over the duties, the game looked as though it would be called off.

A announcement was made, asking if any qualified referees were in attendance and up stepped 17-year-old Scott.

With assistant referee Alan Overthrow taking over duties on the pitch, Scott took his position on the touchline.

Wearing only his trainers and jeans, he was ushered into the changing rooms to get kitted up and soon emerged ready to take up responsibilities on the line.

Conley has been a qualified referee for four years. He was approached by Mark Winter, who knew he was qualified because he had refereed a number of tournaments and youth games at Salisbury FC.

The 17-year-old told JournalSport: “It was very unexpected as I just came to watch.”

He said that when the announcement was made he was unsure whether to put himself forward but said he did it to allow the game to continue.

He added: “I was worried just in case I made a bad call but that was for about five minutes then I was able to gain some confidence.”

The game ended with the Whites losing 3-2 and exiting the FA Trophy, and with Conley not having to make any game-changing decisions, he was happy with his performance.

A spokesman from the club said: “We’d like to thank Scott for stepping forward on Saturday and taking the flag for the remainder of the match.

“It takes a certain amount of courage to step forward in a situation like that, we hope its an experience that we will help Scott with his refereeing aspirations.”