Lenora Crichlow has admitted her latest TV role allowed her to indulge in one of her fantasies - being fought over by two good looking men!

The Being Human actress plays art consultant and auctioneer Laura Stanton in ITV one-off drama Doors Open, an art heist tale set in Edinburgh.

Laura is engaged to her business partner when her millionaire ex Mike - played by Douglas Henshall - suddenly reappears in her life and she has to make a choice between being sensible and marrying the man she's financially involved with - or taking a risk and being with the man she truly loves, who just happens to be planning a major crime for kicks.

There's even a scene where Mike and her fiance fight over her in a restaurant.

"Every girl's dream is to have two hot guys having a bit of a barney over you," Lenora laughed. "Thank God for my work, 'cos stuff like that doesn't happen [in real life]. And it's just so hot! I loved that day of filming."

She admitted she felt slightly intimidated joining the cast and crew late because she'd been filming George Gently, but it helped that she'd worked with director Marc Evans before on 2009's Collision, which also starred Henshall as a crash scene investigator.

"I think Dougie spent a lot of time looking at pictures of my dead body on Collision, so when I came to work with him on this, it felt like the first time - he's a really cool guy."

Lenora hadn't read Ian Rankin's book, which the drama is based on, but quickly learned all she needed to play an art buff from the script and with the director's help.

"I love art, but I'm not an academic, I just like what I like," she admitted. "The one piece of art I do have in my house is a portrait of my father [activist and restaurateur Frank Crichlow, who died in 2010] that was done years ago and I grew up with - it's very explosive and colourful and messy. I love it."

:: Doors Open is on ITV1 on December 26.