Alan Cumming has revealed he no longer wants to adopt a child.

The Good Wife star's new film Any Day Now is about gay adoption, and tells the story of two men in the seventies fighting for the right to adopt a teenage boy with Down's Syndrome.

The 48-year-old actor lives in New York with graphic artist husband Grant Shaffer. While Alan is adamant that everyone should have the right to become a parent, it's no longer something he wants for himself.

He revealed: "I thought I would like to adopt, I wrote a novel about wanting to be a father," he said. "I think I've got a bit older and a little bit more content and it's not for me. My husband and I are happy and we have talked it through.

"Doing something like this [the movie], I loved working with Isaac [Leyva, who plays Marco], I love kids and I love being around them, but I'm also happy when I go home."

But the fervent gay rights activist felt moved by the themes of the film, and though it is set 30 years ago, he feels that only serves to highlight how far off we still are from achieving an equal society.

Alan said: "I really responded to the sense of injustice and the idea that this loving family would be destroyed. I don't like things that aren't fair and decent - it really spoke to my Scottish sense of justice."

"Somehow a period piece enables you to stand back and think, 'Oh gosh, how terrible that this has happened', and then you think, 'Well actually, not much has changed'," he said.

"I hope people will be jangled out of complacency about the fact there is a lot of prejudice still, and great inequality in our society against gay people."

:: Any Day Now is in cinemas now.