In their second column, Croydon band Rough Copy talk about their week leading up to last Saturday’s show which included meeting a very special guest.

Hey Croydon Where do we begin? It's been another amazing week as an X factor finalist for Rough Copy.

So the theme was DISCO week and we had a chance to perform one of our favourite songs from that era, 'September' by Earth Wind and Fire. (If you missed it go take a look on YouTube) We were able to sing and dance our way through to the next round because you guys voted. Thank you.

We did lose our great friends and colleagues from the groups, Kingsland Rd and we want to shout out to them and their supporters to say that as one door closes another opens so go enjoy yourselves and keep climbing that ladder.

So, apart from Saturday the week was nuts!!!! We were taken for a night out by the team and when we got to the venue we were introduced to TV and stage legends, Kris Kamara, Dion Dublin, Olly Murs and you wont believe this, Robbie Williams!!! Everyone was so nice, it was surreal.

Later in the week, to get us into the mood for disco week we were taken roller skating, anyone who knows us already knows that we are die hard skater boys so we had the time of our lives "bussin some moves" on the rink alongside the beautiful Nicole Sherzinger.

We have been watching our social media accounts and have loved interacting with you guys. Our supporters have got to be some of the best in the world. So if you want to stay up to date with our daily madness follow us both on Twitter and Facebook.

This week is Big Band Week and the question on lots of lips is how does a group like Rough Copy do Big Band? The simple answer is tune into Saturday night’s show and take a look, we have a huge surprise for all of you that do.

Gotta go people, we've got rehearsals and then more rehearsals to do just to keep this dream alive.

See you all soon.

Rough Copy