Viggo Mortensen has reportedly been offered the lead in vampire movie The Last Voyage Of The Demeter.

The film is about the ship that brought the coffin bearing Dracula's body from Transylvania to England, and according to blog, Viggo is set to play the lead role of Henry Clemens.

Neil Marshall, whose previous movies include Dog Soldiers, Doomsday and The Descent, is attached to direct and Sir Ben Kingsley was previously reported to be playing the ship's captain.

Prometheus star Noomi Rapace is rumoured to be playing the female lead Anna Billington.

The latest draft of the script, written by Lowell Cauffiel, is said to be a tense horror, following the ship's journey to England, during which the crew are killed off one-by-one.

In Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, when the ship docks in Whitby there are no survivors on board and only one remaining body - of the captain, lashed to the ship's wheel.