Robbie Williams has heaped praise on former enemy Liam Gallagher.

The Take That star - who offered to fight the Oasis and Beady Eye frontman at the 2000 Brit Awards after a public spat - is following in Liam's footsteps and bringing out his own clothing line.

And the singer, who is expecting his first baby with wife Ayda Field, told The Sun: "I've been on (Liam's) Pretty Green website and looked at their clothes and it should do really well because it's really well put together."

He added: "If we can achieve what Pretty Green has achieved in what seems like a short space of time then that would be brilliant."

Robbie - whose label is called Farrell - said of his range: "I didn't know how we would, but we've done it... if we could charge £36,000 like Victoria Beckham then we would - but we can't."