Noel Gallagher found himself in the centre of a scare after a large spider jumped out of his bag.

The former Oasis musician and his High Flying Birds band were travelling to the Jersey Live music festival, which they headlined on September 2 when backstage crew unpacking his guitars made the gruesome discovery.

Jersey Live spokeswoman, Jayne Houghton, said to the BBC: "Staff immediately set about catching the spider and an area backstage had to be quarantined for nearly 20 minutes.

"Noel had not arrived at the gig and so was blissfully unaware of the panic the spider caused," she added.

The arachnid, described as a "huge black spider with green fangs", was taken away by the Jersey-based Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust for analysis.

Matt Goetz, head of herpetology for Durrell, said the spider was now living in a jar on his desk.

"I would probably send it off to a museum to identify the species and exactly where it comes from," he said.

He claimed that the spider could have come from anywhere and that the quarantine was the right move.

"If they come to Jersey from God knows where and a spider jumps out of them, it could be a dangerous spider from the tropics," he said.