Alicia Vikander has revealed how excited she was to play a sword-fighting witch in new fantasy film The Seventh Son.

The Anna Karenina star admitted her role in the new film co-starring Ben Barnes was a big change to playing Kitty in Joe Wright's new adaptation of Tolstoy's classic love story.

Alicia said: "It's something completely different. It was even bigger! I play this half-witch half-human and it's fun - she has this inner battle to see if she can become good or not.There was a lot of sword fighting."

The 23-year-old Swedish actress also revealed how much she enjoyed the lavish costumes she wears in Anna Karenina.

She said: "Every week I came in and tried a new dress and had new fittings. I had already tried seven or eight dresses for the film, and then I had this tiny little scene and I came in and the costume designer Jacqueline Durran said, 'I designed you a new dress, just for fun'. She had so many ideas, it was amazing."