Ronan Keating has apparently revealed that he still loves his ex-wife Yvonne.

The former Boyzone frontman admitted to Piers Morgan on his ITV Life Stories show that his affair with dancer Francine Cornell - which cost him his 14-year marriage - left him "devastated".

"It crushed me - a part of me died. I still love her," he told the talk show host, according to The Sun.

"The pain that I caused Yvonne has been devastating. I felt I'd lost everything because of what I had done. I spent so long doing everything right, and then to do what I did and for it to be such a big deal - it just floored me."

Ronan, who has three children with Yvonne, was reportedly close to tears as he told how he finally realised that they would never get back together, with Yvonne now dating cinematographer John Conroy.

The 38-year-old singer, whose new solo album Fires is out now, insisted that he has seen a psychiatrist and is a changed man.

"I'll never do this thing again and be the best I can be," he added.