Lady Gaga treated one of her fans to a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday during her concert at Twickenham Stadium.

The singer - who dubs her fans Little Monsters - spotted a 17-year-old girl in the front row celebrating her birthday during her gig on Sunday night, the latest in Gaga's Born This Way Ball Tour.

Gaga led the entire stadium in a rousing sing-song, and then invited the fan, who had broken down in tears, backstage to mark the special occasion.

She also dedicated her encore of Edge Of Glory to the athletes and spectators at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Games, saying, "Let's sing this for everyone at the Paralympics."

Earlier in the concert, Gaga was pelted with presents from fans in the front section of the standing area, known as the Monster Pit. "You hit me in the t**ty!" she squealed after one fan threw a glittery gold box, which she opened to reveal a pair of diamond earrings.

Putting on one earring and handing the other to her backup dancer to wear, Gaga forgave the fan for hitting her, then excitedly examined a luminous pink dress that another fan had flung onto the stage. "Lately when I'm dressing myself I'm imagining a Disney princess stoned on cannabis," she confided to deafening cheers.

Returning to The Dorchester Hotel, Gaga was pictured wearing a tiara and a white, flowing gown with a jewel-encrusted bodice.

The Alexander McQueen dress was sold at Christie's auction house in June 2012 at The Daphne Guinness Collection sale to benefit The Isabella Blow Foundation.

It was revealed at the time that a mystery buyer paid £85,250 for the dress - a world record price for a gown by the late Alexander McQueen, who was a friend of the singer.