Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo

Salisbury Journal: Avi Buffalo

3:22pm Wednesday 30th June 2010

The Sub Pop label is some handy shorthand for high expectations from a debut album, and this album does not disappoint.

The Morning Benders - Big Echo

Salisbury Journal: Big Echo

3:18pm Wednesday 30th June 2010

Artist - The Morning Benders Album - Big Echo Label - Rough Trade

Suzanne Vega - Close-Up Vol 1: Love Songs

Salisbury Journal: Close Up Vol 1: Love Songs

3:13pm Wednesday 30th June 2010

All the way back in 1985 (yup, 25 years ago), Suzanne Vega's honest, poetic debut album shocked many, as a reminder of how remarkable simple, largely acoustic music could be.

Tokyo Police Club - Champ

Salisbury Journal: Champ

1:02pm Wednesday 16th June 2010

Tokyo Police Club's entry couldn't have been more exciting - A Lesson In Crime was an 8-song EP, full of high-energy punchy punky indie, tightly wound around bass, cheesy organ and bursts of spiky guitar.

Delta Spirit - History From Below

Salisbury Journal: History From Below

12:58pm Wednesday 16th June 2010

Delta Spirit almost define the can-do spirit of indie music.

Pernice Brothers - Goodbye, Killer

Salisbury Journal: Goodbye, Killer

12:53pm Wednesday 16th June 2010

Once upon a time, Pernice Brothers were able to put together outstanding wit, lyric writing and punchy exciting music.

Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett

Salisbury Journal: Saint Bartlett

3:57pm Thursday 3rd June 2010

Damien Jurado is one of those songwriters that all songwriters know and love, but who is all-but-unknown to the public here in the UK.

Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

Salisbury Journal: Infinite Arms

3:54pm Thursday 3rd June 2010

It is hard to escape the view here that, as so often, Band of Horses gave us their best on their first record, and struggled with the follow-up.

Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsill

Salisbury Journal: Beachcomber's Windowsill

3:50pm Thursday 3rd June 2010

No-one can say I didn't try. Having heard so many glowing reviews of this band, it was hard to go in not expecting the saviours of British music.

Phosphorescent - Here's To Taking It Easy

Salisbury Journal: Here's To Taking It Easy

3:08pm Thursday 27th May 2010

Phosphorescent is based around main man Matthew Houck, and on this fifth studio album they enter a rather lovely indie folk space.

Surfer Blood - Astrocoast

Salisbury Journal: Astrocoast

3:03pm Thursday 27th May 2010

Surfer Blood are a band from West Palm Beach, Florida, and follows the new movement in bands that hark back to a 70s sound.

JBM - Not Even In July

Salisbury Journal: Not Even In July

1:14pm Thursday 27th May 2010

Let's face it - even the hardest critic of hippy folk would find a lot to like in Fleet Foxes. Well, those same parts make up most of what makes Not Even In July special.

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record

Salisbury Journal: Forgiveness Rock Record

2:44pm Tuesday 11th May 2010

Broken Social Scene are an idea as much as they are a band - a collective band with no single direction and a lot of musicians, Forgiveness Rock Record sees them trim down the number to a more cohesive level, although there is never any doubt that the album is a stitched together affair.

The Black Keys - Brothers

Salisbury Journal: Brothers

2:38pm Tuesday 11th May 2010

The Black Keys have undergone so much experimentation since breaking through that it was inevitable that they would get to this point.

Darwin Deez - Darwin Deez

Salisbury Journal: Darwin Deez

2:33pm Tuesday 11th May 2010

Proof, if it were needed, that the UK is still prone to giving hype time to bands that manage only to show an interesting look and a hook.

Jesca Hoop - Kismet Acoustic EP

Salisbury Journal: Kismet Acoustic EP

9:33am Wednesday 5th May 2010

With the really rather special album, Hunting My Dress, bringing Jesca Hoop fame as this year's best quirky female singer-songwriter, time perhaps seemed right to release an EP of acoustic covers of her own songs, largely drawn from her debut album, Kismet.

Aqualung - Magnetic North

Salisbury Journal: Magnetic North

9:29am Wednesday 5th May 2010

Aqualung (well, Matt Hales, who is Aqualung) has done very well since breaking through on the back of a VW advert with Strange and Beautiful.

Jesse Malin and the St Marks Social - Love It To Life

Salisbury Journal: Love It To Life

9:25am Wednesday 5th May 2010

Jesse Malin came out from Ryan Adams' wing as a squeakier Bruce Springsteen, forging a more interesting space for himself while Adams went off to forage in country and singer-songwriter territory.

The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt

Salisbury Journal: The Wild Hunt

10:18am Tuesday 27th April 2010

Sweden’s Kristian Matsson will endure many many comparisons to Bob Dylan, for his adenoidal impassioned folk (think Blowin' In the Wind era), but the artist whom he should properly be compared to is Steve Forbert, for his voice is closest to that underrated star, and his music more melodic than the protest standards for which Dylan became famous.

The New Pornographers - Together

Salisbury Journal: Together

10:14am Tuesday 27th April 2010

Once, The New Pornographers were a vital, essential new rock band, full of Neko Case energy and AC Newman drive.

Josh Ritter - So Runs The World Away

Salisbury Journal: So Runs The World Away

9:54am Tuesday 27th April 2010

Josh Ritter's warm, gentle voice and ability to write songs that seem instantly memorable brought him to the attention of many, in that space above folk where the occasional artist achieves success.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The Brutalist Bricks

Salisbury Journal: The Brutalist Bricks

12:28pm Wednesday 7th April 2010

For many of us, the only Elvis Costello we're happy with is the 80s punk popster, when tunes met power pop.

Cypress Hill - Rise Up

Salisbury Journal: Rise Up

12:18pm Wednesday 7th April 2010

RISE UP is Cypress Hill's first new album in six years and the first release issued through Priority/EMI, since being signed by Snoop Dogg.

Annuals - Sweet Sister

Salisbury Journal: Sweet Sister

12:11pm Wednesday 7th April 2010

Once upon a time, Annuals looked set to be the bloggers and critics' band for all time. Preceding Yeasayer and Arcade Fire, the band's ecstatic electro-hypnotic folk had an appeal all its own.

Katey Brooks - Proof of Life

Salisbury Journal: Proof of Life

12:37pm Wednesday 31st March 2010

On this debut album, Bristol's Katey Brooks proves why comparisons to Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading and Toni Childs (and, in reference to her style, probably, John Martyn) have accompanied live reviews so far.

Sparklehorse - Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain

Salisbury Journal: Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain

12:28pm Wednesday 31st March 2010

Sparklehorse main man Mark Linkous had a pretty traumatic ride until he took his own life this year.

Django Django - WOR/Skies Over Cairo

Salisbury Journal: WOR/Skies Over Cairo

12:17pm Wednesday 31st March 2010

Artist - Django Django Album - WOR/ Skies Over Cairo Label - Django Django

Fang Island - Fang Island

Salisbury Journal: Fang Island

11:11am Wednesday 24th March 2010

Do you know what ecstasy sounds like? Well, chances are it sounds something like this Brooklyn's band, whose blend of BUilt To Spill guitars, Go! Team infectious enthusiasm, Minus The Bear jags and Fleet Foxes harmonising is a treat if you're properly sugared up.

The Whigs - In The Dark

Salisbury Journal: In The Dark

11:06am Wednesday 24th March 2010

Now this is a real shame, of the order of OK Go's recent new album shame.

Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again

Salisbury Journal: Even Born Again

11:01am Wednesday 24th March 2010

This is an older record, all of 2008, but well worth a revisit. Sarah Jaffe contributed some vocals to the Molina and Johnson album, and her amazing voice has, as a result, been somewhat more in demand.

Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

Salisbury Journal: The Monitor

3:22pm Wednesday 17th March 2010

Both cerebral and not at all cerebral, this second album from New Jersey band Titus Andronicus tells a story based around the American Civil War as metaphor, and does it in the most exuberant of punk.

The White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights

Salisbury Journal: Under Great White Northern Lights

3:18pm Wednesday 17th March 2010

Most people now know of The White Stripes, almost as a phenomenon as much as a band.

Drive By Truckers - The Big To Do

Salisbury Journal: The Big To Do

3:12pm Wednesday 17th March 2010

The Big To Do is Drive By Truckers tenth album, and follows Brighter Than Creation's Dark, which seemed like something of a misstep in their career - lots of songs thrown together with no overarching 'album' feel.

Clem Snide - The Meat of Life

Salisbury Journal: The Meat of Life

10:09am Thursday 11th March 2010

Clem Snide have it all - in Eef Barzelay a songwriter capable of the most poignant, witty sharp lyrics out there, delivering them with a voice that's not beautiful in any way other than its vulnerability.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Salisbury Journal: Beat The Devil's Tattoo

10:03am Thursday 11th March 2010

Success came early to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, as the group were instantly propelled into the limelight on the back of their debut album.

Joe Walsh - The Definitive Collection

Salisbury Journal: The Definitive Collection

9:58am Thursday 11th March 2010

'Definitive' in this case means 'the best 15 songs you'll need from Joe Walsh's solo career and James Gang time (the group he was in before the Eagles)' as you'll not find any Eagles material here, and the double disc 'Look At What I Did' is way too much for any introductory dip into the work of an unassuming and under-recognised guitar genius.

Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks

Salisbury Journal: The Winter of Mixed Drinks

12:11pm Wednesday 3rd March 2010

The best band in Scotland by some distance now, Frightened Rabbit have built a huge reputation among indie fans, but with The Winter Of Mixed Drinks look set to break through into mainstream attention.

Turin Brakes - Outbursts

Salisbury Journal: Outbursts

12:07pm Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Turin Brakes had a golden period around the beginning of the 2000s, when their album Ether Song seemed to make the soundtrack to every TV programme, and provide the background music to every middle class dinner party.

Deadstring Brothers - Sao Paulo

Salisbury Journal: Sao Paulo

11:57am Wednesday 3rd March 2010

The Deadstring Brothers have not changed their formula over the years - aping late 60s/ early 70s Rolling Stones.

The Strange Boys - Be Brave

Salisbury Journal: Be Brave

5:33pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

Texans do things differently, but not always bigger, if this wonderful little album is anything to go by.

Great Lake Swimmers - The Legion Sessions

Salisbury Journal: The Legion Sessions

5:29pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

Canada's Great Lake Swimmers don't make music, they make beauty sound like something.

Steve Vai - Where The Wild Things Are

Salisbury Journal: Where The Wild Things Are

5:22pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

Take care that this isn't something you buy by accident expecting the film soundtrack.

The Soft Pack - The Soft Pack

Salisbury Journal: The Soft Pack

2:29pm Monday 15th February 2010

If it’s true that all publicity is good publicity, then this San Diego band may well have decided that they could continue to call themselves The Muslims for this debut album. Fortunately, more sensible heads prevailed and this album is being allowed to stand on its own merits.

The Smoking Popes - It's Been A Long Day

Salisbury Journal: It's Been A Long Day

2:25pm Monday 15th February 2010

For fans of The Smoking Popes, it was interesting that Morrissey suggested they were his favourite band, as they always had the sound of a Smiths that had taken REM’s punkier college rock to heart.

Yeasayer - Odd Blood

Salisbury Journal: Odd Blood

2:21pm Monday 15th February 2010

Yeasayer have gone from the territory they set up for Vampire Weekend to a more electronic 80s place.

The Features - Some Kind of Salvation

Salisbury Journal: Some Kind of Salvation

9:53am Tuesday 9th February 2010

The Features may come from Nashville, but they sound like Tennessee brethren Kings of Leon might if they came from Brighton - bouncy, edgy pop that is at once upbeat and rocking.

Jason and the Scorchers - Halcyon Times

Salisbury Journal: Halcyon Times

9:44am Tuesday 9th February 2010

How does 'first album of all-new material since 1996' sound to you? Enough to strike fear that some old band has been forced by penury into the studio again, and that some retread will be the order of the day?

Hurray For The Riff-Raff - Young Blood Blues

Salisbury Journal: Young Blood Blues

9:31am Tuesday 9th February 2010

There was a time when Michelle Shocked's Texas Campfire Songs was shocking. Alynda Lee, here known as Hurray For The Riff Raff, on her second album, is as folky as it gets, having left home at 17 to ride freight trains and play washboard in a street band.

Midlake - The Courage of Others

Salisbury Journal: The Courage of Others

10:54am Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Before the Fleet Foxes, the band whose retreat to early 70s hippiness was most successful was Midlake, and their lovely 2007 second album The Trials of Van Occupanther.

The Drums - Summertime EP

Salisbury Journal: Summertime EP

10:50am Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Anyone who got The Girls and their debut album will be dead centre for this EP, from Brooklyn band The Drums.


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