Lewis Hamilton is itching to climb back into his Mercedes following a debut accident he has described as nothing more than "a blip".

Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have managed a mere 29 laps between them at the first pre-season test at the Circuito de Jerez. The former was left a spectator less than two hours and 15 laps into the session. Hamilton's car suffered a rear-brake failure, later traced to the hydraulic brake line connecting to the right-rear calliper.

Reflecting on the accident, Hamilton said: "I hit the brake, and for a split second they worked, but then the pedal went straight down. It wouldn't work any more. If all the brakes had stopped working then I would have hit the wall pretty bad."

He continued: "After that I just had to brace for impact. It wasn't a big one. It didn't feel great initially, but there was nothing much I could do. Because I went in straight my legs took a bit of a thump."

Aside from that, Hamilton emerged unscathed before being forced to undertake a watching brief, as will be the case on Thursday as Rosberg returns before the Briton concludes the test on Friday. Asked whether he could glean any positives from the experience, he smiled and replied: "Definitely, I'm alive!"

Hamilton added: "This is what testing is all about. What's happened is disappointing for all of us in the team because everyone has worked so hard over the winter, and we didn't anticipate this. But I'm glad we get things like this out of the way now so we don't have to worry about it in the future, and I'm glad it hasn't happened in the last test at Barcelona. That would really suck.

"If there are any more problems to come I hope they come tomorrow or the next day. But hopefully this is just a blip. We have a long way to go until Melbourne, with more days of testing and hopefully they will all go smoothly."

Despite the issues over the past two days, Hamilton's confidence in Mercedes' latest car has not been dented.

"I have had so many experiences like this," said Hamilton. "I think about the Nurburgring (a crash in the 2007 German Grand Prix) when the wheel came off (his McLaren) and that was a lot more painful, but I got back in the car and got on with it. I've had lots of crashes in my career and been able to bounce back and overcome them, so I'm not fazed by this.

"I've been racing for seven years, so it is not like I am lacking in experience. I am pretty relaxed about it."