Manchester City's players are the highest paid athletes in the world of sport, according to a new survey.

The average first-team pay at City has been calculated at £5.3million per year, or £102,653 per week, ahead of baseball's New York Yankees and LA Dodgers.

The Global Sports Salaries Survey, compiled by, places Real Madrid and Barcelona fourth and fifth, with Manchester United ninth ahead of Chelsea.

Top 10 payers (average salary):

1 Manchester City (Premier League) £5.337m

2 New York Yankees (Major League Baseball) £5.286m

3 LA Dodgers (Major League Baseball) £5.119m

4 Real Madrid (La Liga) £4.993m

5 Barcelona (La Liga) £4.901m

6 Brooklyn Nets (NBA) £4.485m

7 Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) £4.402m

8 Manchester United (Premier Leagie) £4.322m

9 Chicago Bulls (NBA) £3.985m

10 Chelsea (Premier League) £3.984m