Holiday centre should address its priorities

10:25am Thursday 30th April 2009

We are writing to you on this occasion to express our extreme disappointment in the decision that Sandy Balls has taken in cancelling forthwith the Rookies Lifesaving courses that used to take place on Saturday mornings at the swimming centre.

No to cold callers

3:07pm Tuesday 20th May 2008

IN a bid to halt doorstep crime, a large area of West Moors has been designated a cold calling controlled zone (CCCZ).

Health and safety threat to town's annual carnival

4:00pm Thursday 28th February 2008

I READ the recent Forest Journal cover article about the effects in Ringwood of changes to health and safety legislation regarding street closures with dismay, particularly as I have participated in the town's carnival and am on the festival committee which organises a number of charitable activities within the town.

What can be done to lower Forest roadkill?

11:29am Thursday 1st November 2007

ANIMAL deaths in the Forest will not be eliminated or much reduced by rigid enforcement of the forty mile an hour speed limit, or by lowering it to thirty.

Engines roar as rally comes to Fordingbridge

Salisbury Journal: John Sellwall and Roy Shaw with their Nevader Classics. DB2722P05

8:19am Sunday 9th September 2007

THE streets of Fordingbridge throbbed under the roar of 560 motorcycles on Saturday as the International Twin Rally of the Moto Guzzi Club came to town.

Keeping a watchful eye on the New Forest felling

11:51am Thursday 23rd August 2007

AS an independent and professional arboriculturalist living in the New Forest and working in Dorset, I wonder how many readers are concerned about the number of trees being felled locally (particularly in the Forest).

Stonehenge - problem solved

9:26am Wednesday 14th February 2007

NEVER mind the idea of a camel train at Stonehenge, as one Journal correspondent recently suggested.

Carnival of delights

1:09pm Thursday 28th September 2006

I SINCERELY hope that many Journal readers were able to visit Ringwood last Saturday and see the Carnival procession and all the other events in town during the afternoon and evening of Saturday, September 16.

Lib Dem tax plans

9:50am Tuesday 26th September 2006

IN his letter on Liberal Democrat plans to abolish council tax in favour of a local income tax (Forest Postbag, September 7) Chris Treleaven, the Conservative New Forest district councillor for Ringwood East and Sopley, got it all wrong.

Pace of life

12:19pm Monday 18th September 2006

WE human beings are not meant to be nocturnal - that is, we do not see in the dark.

Closing car parks affects all Forest users

12:50pm Thursday 3rd August 2006

AS the debate continues over plans to close several New Forest car parks, New Forest Dog Owners Group (NFDOG) is as keen as anyone to protect the future of our rich wildlife.

Be proud of tennis courts

11:19am Thursday 6th July 2006

I WOULD like to reply to and expand on some of the points raised in your article on the future of community tennis on Carvers recreation ground in Ringwood (Tennis club launches SOS to community', Forest Journal, June 29).

Service above self

11:18am Thursday 6th July 2006

HOW heart-warming and reassuring it was to hear of Fordingbridge Rotarian Foster Herd (Forest Journal, June 22), a man who thinks of others before himself.

New income tax plans

10:14am Tuesday 13th June 2006

HERE is my proposal for income tax.

Councillors act honorably

9:44am Tuesday 6th June 2006

SALLY ANDREW should really get her facts right before writing an accusatory letter to Forest Journal (Postbag, May 18) regarding Fordingbridge councillors' pursuing self-interest. The town council is not responsible for business rents and rates, nor does it impose parking charges.

Wasted opportunity

2:37pm Tuesday 2nd May 2006

IT seems to me a wasted opportunity when MG/Rover went bust that perhaps a government-backed company was not formed to create a car company to mass-produce clean cars that is, cars powered by solar power, backed up with dynamos behind each wheel and, if need be, air sucked in from the front of the vehicle through a small fan/turbine and out the back while driven.

Phone mast blast

12:50pm Thursday 20th April 2006

I ASSUME most people realise why so many mobile phone masts are on council land, in school grounds etc bcause the mobile phone operator not only had to pay a massive fee to central government for a licence to operate their business but rent is also collected from masts.

Monmouth Rebellion

5:11pm Thursday 2nd March 2006

I MUST point out a factual error that appeared in History Fact Files: What was the Monmouth Rebellion?'' (Forest Journal, last week).

Road idea doesn't work

5:10pm Thursday 2nd March 2006

I READ with interest all the hoohah about the plans for the future closure of some Verwood roads but I am still trying to find out who was responsible for Dewlands Way not joining up with the Manor road roundabout, but making it a left turn only, less than 10 metres away.

Can't we use gravel-pit water to feed supplies?

3:50pm Thursday 16th February 2006

AS I read your Running on empty' front-page story last week, I wondered if the acres of water in the dozens of gravel pits lining the Fordingbridge-Ringwood road are used to feed the areas water supplies?

Road situation is farcical

3:48pm Thursday 16th February 2006

I FEEL I have to respond to your articles concerning the proposed closure of Edmondsham Road, in Verwood (Forest Journal, February 2).

Charles Kennedy did a good job

4:31pm Friday 3rd February 2006

WHEN we, the members, had to choose who we wanted to replace Paddy Ashdown, I have to admit that Charles Kennedy did not get my vote.

We don't want a sanitised Forest

11:26am Thursday 2nd February 2006

FOREST Progress Project co-ordinator Keith Campbell's letter (Postbag, January 19) is helpful. It is good to know that dog-walkers continue to be welcome in the Forest.

Decline in cleanliness of this area

11:20am Thursday 2nd February 2006

MY wife and I moved from London some four years ago.

Make duck New Year a happy one

9:37am Monday 30th January 2006

JANUARY 29 sees the start of the Chinese New Year and we wish all our Chinese residents a Happy New Year at this time, which is traditionally a time for good luck and new beginnings.

Want to move? Do it now!

8:59am Friday 20th January 2006

THIS year will see some enthusiasm towards property buying and selling during the warmer months but it will not be any kind of boom.

Parking clock idea

12:56pm Thursday 19th January 2006

I AGREE that the £80 parking clocks are tempting targets for thieves (Forest Journal, last week).

Dog waste: Need for co-operation

12:55pm Thursday 19th January 2006

I WOULD like to respond to the letter (Postbag, December 22) from Mr Dickenson, of NFDog, to help clarify the position.

This salt-of-the-earth family should not be victimised

8:18am Thursday 12th January 2006

THIS is in reference to your article on Mr Colin Shutler's mobile home, sited at his father's farm (Forest Journal, December 29).

Parking clocks a temptation

8:16am Thursday 12th January 2006

IT is strongly advised by police and, indeed, it is just common sense, not to leave valuables on display in parked vehicles.

Binmen do a fantastic job

9:13am Friday 6th January 2006

MAY I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the gentlemen who empty the refuse bins in our town at the crack of dawn every day and clear the litter thrown about our streets.

Dogs have part to play in Forest life

12:42pm Thursday 22nd December 2005

IN response to previous correspondence on dog mess, let there be not the slightest doubt. New Forest Dog Owners' Group does and always has supported the principle that dog-owners should pick up after their pets in car park areas.


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