NOT content with messing up the A303 and making the villages of Shrewton, Larkhill, Durrington and Bulford Village a rat run with traffic levels now similar to an A road through places that have no pavements, they have now gone even further in incompetence.

We are in the winter period when visitor levels will be lower than the summer.

Go to the entrance of the Stonehenge visitor centre just before it opens or when it has just closed and there will be traffic queued, going in and around the new roundabout.

Their answer to this is to just shut the gate and let them sort themselves out.

I had the misfortune to have to travel from Shrewton to Amesbury on Thursday, January 2 at 1.15pm. Not a busy time of the day one would think. How wrong can you be?

There was a queue of traffic trying to get into the woefully small car park back past the roundabout towards Longbarrow roundabout, and a queue from the Shrewton direction that could not get around the roundabout due to it being blocked by the visitors.

It took 20 minutes to travel 200 metres.

This visitor centre goes from one problem to another, with no one who appears to want to sort it out. I suppose the arrows will be correctly marked on the Longbarrow and Countess roundabout one day, but I am not holding my breath.

I do, however, feel for the visitors I saw in a queue waiting for the three ‘high tech’ land trains in the pouring rain. Why no shelter? Why only three ridiculous land trains?

They pay all that money for such a farcical experience.

Not that I expect anyone will take responsibility.

It will be someone else’s fault – too many visitors, moaning locals or teething problems.

Still, it will soon be summer and all who live locally can look forward to months of gridlock and chaos.

Having lived in Shrewton for more than 30 years the only problems we have had were at Midsummer’s Night or if there was an accident on the A303.

Now there are daily issues.

Thanks Stonehenge.