2014 is 16 days old and the panto season has finished.

“Oh no, it hasn’t!”

We still have an unfinished market square (though hopefully it will be finished for Easter) and the controversy over the inevitable overspend caused by the three-month delay is sure to simmer on for some considerable time.

Never mind, we at last have a sensible comment on the Vision’s plans for the Maltings and Central car park. I would think that there will be a good chance that the existing project will become a white elephant.

Either that or it will kill the existing malls and high street.

Anne Riddle’s summation of better uses for this area (SJOpinion, January 2) were spot on.

Perhaps, if Annie’s idea was progressed it might be a good time to look again at total pedestrianisation of New Canal and Blue Boar Row – although this is probably a no go because our unitary authority has allowed the bus company to railroad them into providing extra (and inconvenient) bus stops and layovers round our city streets which, I feel sure, will increase bus movements in New Canal and Blue Boar Row.

However, we can all hope that eventually we will have some joined up thinking from our elected representatives.

BRIAN FORD, Salisbury