FURTHER to Cllr Ian McLennan’s letter (Postbag, February 6), I would like to start off by saying that I am very much in favour of Laverstock Parish Council remaining independent from Salisbury city.

In fact, in my own ward of St Mark’s and Bishopdown, I would be in favour of the boundary of Laverstock being extended to cover the whole of Bishopdown Farm.

I should hasten to add that the present situation is a historic anomaly, as there is no road running between Bishopdown and Bishopdown Farm. In other words, the two were built as completely separate entities.

I will now come on to the question of the number of electors for each unitary ward.

I assisted in the drafting of the boundaries when the unitary Wiltshire Council came into being and the aim was to give each unitary constituency about 3,400 electors.

Obviously, this has got out of alignment since the original constituencies were formed and although I do not know the exact number of new electors at Hampton Park II, Old Sarum and the new site at Long Hedge, it seems to me that when the building work is completed we shall be quite close to having the numbers for a new constituency.

So these will be my recommendations when the boundaries are revised again sometime in the next couple of years.

Councillor Bill Moss (St Mark’s and Bishopdown)