WE read in the press of the problems in A&E departments. I am happy to report on success.

I attended the Eucharist service in the cathedral on Sunday. During the prayers before Communion, I felt faint and sat down in my stall.

My next memory is of two paramedics installing me in an ambulance outside the cathedral. After asking some relevant questions, they transported me to Salisbury District Hospital, where I was quickly installed in a cubicle in the A&E department.

During the next two and a half hours, I received a series of checks, blood tests, a chest x-ray, an extensive interview with a doctor, and an unexpected lunch.

Fortunately no serious condition was revealed and arrangements were made for me to be collected by a relative.

I experienced nothing but efficiency and good care at every stage, leaving me with the thought that although the department seemed under some pressure, with a fairly full waiting room, perhaps too much emphasis is given to publicising shortcomings and too little time to publicising successful achievement.

JJA Caunt, Barford St Martin