Watch out for flood hit areas

The Roman road through Ford is a well established 'rat run' for commuters between the A30 London Road and the A345 Castle Road at Old Sarum.

The Hampshire Bourne has burst its banks and the exceptional ground water levels in the water meadows have caused flood water to flow across the road with the depth and proximity now a real worry for two low-lying cottages.

The road has been closed for a week, yet daily I see wholly inconsiderate behaviour from drivers who apparently refuse to adapt their usual commuting route.

So far Ford residents have seen drivers ignore road closed signs and in two cases I have witnessed commuters attempt to dispose of warning signs into the hedge at the Old Sarum end of the road.

The barriers erected across the road at both ends of the flooded section have also been moved daily so that several inconsiderate drivers can continue their usual commute.

With water levels likely to rise further, these drivers risk damaging their vehicles and invalidating any insurance claim.

The road is closed. Additionally, the sodden road surface is already breaking up badly thanks to overuse in poor surface conditions.

Worst of all these drivers appear to have no concern of the effect that their bow waves and wash is causing to the properties that the road closure is designed to protect.

I really do not understand the mentality of these utterly selfish drivers who could so easily use alternative routes. Access through the flood is only necessary for the emergency services, the residents immediately affected within the flood area and those few tending to their horses in the affected flooded fields.

Everyone else should respect road closure warnings.

Bill Preece, Ford

  • As the chairman and the clerk of Pitton & Farley Parish Council, we would like to express our grateful thanks to all the Wiltshire Council officers and their colleagues at Balfour Beatty who are working tirelessly to mitigate, as far as possible, the effects of the current flooding event in Pitton.

In particular, we should like to mention Councillor Mike Hewitt, drainage engineer Danny Everitt, the Balfour Beatty co-ordinator Graham Sellwood and the two Andys (they know who they are). They are out at all times, day or night, to refuel and nurture the two pumps, and without them all, we would be in a much worse state than we are.

Our thanks must also go to James Sinclair, Chris Sankey and other Pitton Flood Action Group members and Pitton residents who have also contributed magnificently to alleviating the emergency, and continue to do so.

Everyone’s efforts are much appreciated.

Catherine Purves Clerk, Cllr Jamie Latham Chairman


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