THE Guildhall square and Market Place seem to have merged into one unit.

This after several centuries of being accepted as separate entities.

Only a line of trees going from Butcher Row to Blue Boar Row now remains as the dividing line between the two.

Gone are the benches that used to line the path and helped to define it.

As far as I am aware, the Guildhall and its accompanying square have historically formed one unit and enhanced our city.

The Civic Society, of which I am a long standing member, is supposed to support and protect this sort of image.

I feel it has failed in this objective.

The need for wheeled vehicles to have unrestricted access to The Guildhall steps from Blue Boar Row is, I feel, required to enable Civic and private hirers to make full use of facility.

Does anyone think that our new square is attractive? I do not.

Where are the colourful planters of previous years that enhanced our central areas for tourist and citizens alike?

An inquiry is to be held into the recently completed works, and I applaud that initiative.

Not to call for remedial work, but to help prevent mistakes in the future when the Central car park and Maltings projects come forward.

Colin Duller, Harnham

THE newly finished toilets in the Market Place only need a corrugated roof and they would look like air raid shelters.

A Kingston, Wilton