I AM not opposed to our new piazza as some others are, even to the WCs, where the brickwork is at least fairly homogenous.

But who on earth could have thought it was acceptable to clutter the toilet area, of all places, with outsize refuse bins and even such unbinned refuse as sacks?

If this is allowed to go on, the area will surely become more unhygienic as the weather gets warmer, to say nothing of more unsightly.

What anyone visiting the city for the first time is likely to think must be left to the imagination.

Richard Merwood Salisbury n SURPRISE, surprise, I see letters in the Postbag again last Thursday about the market square.

Why doesn’t any council officer of any kind come forward and answer any of these moans and groans about the square?

Is it that they can’t face up to anybody? This is what it looks like.

Just take a look around there; there are advantages - plenty of seats to sit on and litter bins.

But the big disadvantage is the public toilets, which are a complete letdown. They are dull and gloomy, like army huts.

R King, Salisbury 

I AGREE with the letters in last week’s Journal from Richard Pickett and Brian Stoddart.

The market has lost its character, but I’m afraid we are stuck with it.

But there are things we can do.

We can put flowers in tubs here and there and we can have some of those nice green seats – with backs – that they have in the Old George Mall.

And bring poor Sidney Herbert back from Victoria Park.

Maybe we could have a bandstand? Come on Salisbury, start the ideas flowing.

After all, it is our market.

Sylvie Biggs, Laverstock 

LOTS has been said about the new market square - mostly negative.

However, it is here to stay and the money has been spent. It is a wide open space so please let’s use it. How about some music over lunchtime?

How wonderful it would be to see people dancing and getting exercise in their break from their office routine or the drudgery of shopping.

It might even encourage people to come into town and spend money. Maybe someone else has ideas on how we could bring some atmosphere to the area?

Marjorie Finlay, Salisbury