I WAS interested to read the recent headline stating “Shop Salisbury, a great place to visit, shop,and dine”.

I would like to add “not if you are disabled”.

A friend drove me a couple of weeks ago to Salisbury to have a tour of the late Sir Edward Heath's house in The Close and to have a cup of tea in the Cathedral refectory.

I took with me my disabled badge and it was clearly displayed in her car.

On entering The Close, a parking assistant approached the car and we showed him the disabled badge and asked where we could park. He said that it would cost us £6 to park in The Close.

I was extremely surprised as I always park for free in Salisbury and £6 was a huge sum for me to park for an hour or two at most.

However, he said that everybody has to pay in The Close for parking.

As it would have been too far for me to walk from the nearest car park outside of The Close, I had no choice but to pay this sum.

He told me that it did entitle me to one free cup of tea, hardly much of an incentive for £6, especially as our tea had been previously ordered and paid for by the WI.

Obviously Salisbury only wants to encourage younger people with a lot of money to spend to see our heritage.

I will certainly not be visiting The Close again, which is a pity as the museum has some interesting things sometimes and as a member of the National Trust, I have visited Mompesson House in the past, but not alas, any more.

Rosemary Wyatt, Alderholt