Road repairs are beyond the pale

9:23am Thursday 22nd May 2014

I AM writing to say how disgusted I am by the road repairs taking place around us at the moment.

The recent bad weather left our village’s back roads in a terrible state and nothing was done about it all until it was decided a cycle ride would take place through the Chalke Valley.

Suddenly we were inundated with vans, lorries and workmen, who worked around the clock – weekends, bank holidays and in all weathers - to repair the erosion and pothole damage.

Although we are pleased to have some repairs to the roads, it is appalling that it takes a cycle ride to motivate the council.

The road tax payers are not even considered.

The repair work has caused major disruption as the workmen dug up all the edges, potholes etc, effectively making most roads single-file, but repaired randomly all over the place, making transport difficult, particularly as I work on a farm.

A lorry was stuck on the hill on one side of us one day while repair work carried on in another part of the village, effectively blocking us in on the farm for most of the day, with nothing able to come in or out.

I would like to know how much all this has cost – some of the patching is not even of a quality which will last much longer than the cycle ride itself.

AR Brine, Broad Chalke


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