I WOULD like to pay a much deserved tribute to two men, both of whom have contributed greatly to the cultural life of this city and have recently retired.

Joe Studholme as chairman of the trustees of the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum has, with the support of the excellent director and the other trustees, made major improvements to the museum, in the refurbishment of the rooms and exhibits, in the high standards of the occasional exhibitions (the Constable in Salisbury exhibition was superb, and the part purchase of his cathedral painting terrific for future generations in Salisbury), and in raising the quality of the service given to visitors through the staff and volunteers.

I am sure that his successor will seek to maintain the pace of Mr Studholme’s success, which has been outstanding.

Alastair Clark has served for many years as chairman of the Salisbury Civic Society, a body which has done so much under his leadership in seeking to improve the buildings, old and new, and the open spaces of this city, and to widen knowledge of the built environment.

The activities and the publications of the Civic Society during his time as chairman have been excellent, in recording what is best of the past, in seeking to improve what is about to be built, and through its contribution to the Salisbury Vision in seeking to achieve improvements to the Salisbury environment which are so much needed (as any visitor to Central car park, to Churchfields industrial estate, and to the shopping strip which occupies the entry to the city from the south east, can experience).

Under Alastair Clark’s leadership the Civic Society has been a strong influence in the changes for the better.

Richard Southwell, Warminster