I REALLY don't know what planet Wiltshire Council is on.

Mind you, being based in Trowbridge doesn't help. I agree totally with Annabel Lawson (Postbag, April 24) and all letters in the Journal on May 29.

I do wonder what the councillors are there for and who they are accountable to. What they seem to have forgotten is that we council tax payers pay their wages and that they should be accountable to us and not developers who think they can run roughshod over us. Yes, build a Sainsbury’s, but not where they want just because “it will be in direct competition with Tesco”.

They can be in competition with Tesco on the other side of the city or to the north. I would also like to add: why weren't custody suites built when the new courts were built?

I would have thought that creating car parking spaces on the derelict site at the railway station is a no brainer; keep the coach park where it is, upgrade facilities and everyone is happy.

Have a competition with local schools to design graffiti on the toilet walls in the Market Place, empty the bins every day to keep them tidy etc and encourage more individual shops to open in the closed premises by reducing rents, rates and cost of leases.

All I can say is bring back a local council which, hopefully, will work for local people.

Jenny Gee, Winterslow