I MUST say that I like Cllr Richard Clewer’s idea of a set of replica stocks for the Market Place (Postbag, May 29).

I have a suggestion. Perhaps we could have a day where those local representatives and planners who have championed such wonderful “improvements” as closing the bus station, closing the coach park and moving it to Brown Stree, entertaining Sainsbury's crackpot plan for the Southampton Road, closing the police station and custody suite, etc, etc are placed in these stocks and Salisbury citizens are given the opportunity to express their admiration.

There ought to be a plentiful supply of rotten tomatoes, vegetables, beer cans, half-eaten burgers and soiled nappies behind the toilet blocks.

We might also invite some of the Wiltshire councillors down so that they can find out where Salisbury is.

Alan Pollard, Salisbury