STANDING idly by a group of senior citizens in Butcher Row, I was puzzled by what seemed like their incomprehensible chatter.

“Well I’ll be blowed.

“I saw this coming a long time back.”

“They won’t pick Hudson’s Field, not with Old Sarum nearby.”

“No I reckon it will be over Laverstock Way, the Racecourse or Boscombe Down.”

“Point is though, it won’t happen surely; I mean we are a cathedral city.”

“Wherever they decide, you can bet your bottom dollar that the council tax will go up.”

Unable to contain my curiosity, I ventured to ask one of the assembled if they were discussing a new housing scheme.

“Housing scheme?

“Haven’t you heard on the grapevine; we are having an airport for Salisbury and so far, not a dickybird from the council.”

The group sauntered off, dismissing me as a fully-fledged simpleton.

In the meantime I am still left wandering if there is any truth in this or just a rumour?

Brian Black, Salisbury