I WISH to thank those of your readers who have sent me the used stamps for Guide Dogs.

They are greatly appreciated.

I sincerely hope they will continue to send used stamps to me as, being in my 94th year, it gives me something to do in my later years.

Frank Rixon, Amesbury 

I WOULD like to thank the gentleman who came to our assistance when my husband tripped and fell in Endless Street on May 21.

Your help, support and kindness was very much appreciated.

J Starr, Salisbury

I WANTED to say a huge thank you to the man in Brocks Orchard in Shrewton who carried me into the house on Wednesday when I fractured my knee and couldn't get inside.

It was really kind and I am not sure what I would have done if he wasn’t there to help.

Zoe Elliott, Shrewton

WELL done bus drivers.

All the excellent and very patient bus drivers deserve much praise for coping so well with the difficult diversions around Wilton at present.

Carol Kitching, Hindon