SO yet more parking spaces are going to be lost to the city. We are already going to lose a number of spaces in the Central car park.

Not only are the coaches going to lose their parking, but where are all the market vans going to park on market days? Market days are being increased with food markets, so the problem is becoming greater.

Regarding Brown Street, pictured right, this is already a congested part of the city and to say retailers will benefit because it will encourage visitors to spend more time in the city is spurious. The length of time people spend in Salisbury is determined by the tour operator.

In fact they can go from the Cathedral to Brown Street and back without even going near the city centre.

Do we really need more housing in the Central car park area? Parking for city centre residents is already under pressure.

The council’s park and ride policy has clearly also failed, which is hardly surprising, as elderly people and women with children will not want to carry shopping to the park and ride site. Just because it is council policy, does not make it right.

Clearly the idea of trying to attract more people into the city without giving them adequate facilities, including sufficient parking, is a foolish idea.

Perhaps Salisbury Vision should stop trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot, and instead concentrate on retaining Salisbury as a city that is pleasant to live in and visit, rather than trying to support the council’s untenable policies.

Jennifer Wylie, Harnham

I THINK the idea of turning Brown Street car park into a coach park is absolutely ridiculous.

Firstly, Brown Street is often congested with traffic and this would add to that problem.

Secondly, are we looking to the needs of young people visiting the city, while ignoring the needs of those who live here?

The parking for residents of Salisbury has been eroded quite quickly over the last few months in particular.

Brown Street is a very much used car park; shoppers can just walk through to the mall and to all the shops that sell food and clothing, bookshops and cafés.

I have a disabled badge and I have found it harder and harder to park. It is all very well being told by the authority that there is lots of on road parking but I have to have my door opened wide to swing my legs round to get out, as I imagine a number of other people do too. I always hope my car door and my legs won’t be knocked off by a passing vehicle. In a properly marked car park it is much safer.

I understand the idea of the vehicle-less market square will be in line with those on the on the continent.

My husband and I spent a fair amount of time in France and most town squares held two markets a week. By 1pm they were finished and cleaned and the square returned to its normal use as a car park with surrounding cafés.

I fear for the future of Salisbury.

Ena Baldock, Salisbury

THE closure of the bus station has just cost me - a pensioner- £28.

I would normally have used the village bus to the bus station to catch a National Express coach, but now the bus stops are all over the place there was no way I could manage a heavy suitcase across town to the coach station - hence the taxi.

The National Coach fare for a journey of 150 miles each way was £28 and the taxi 4.5 miles each way was £28.

Surely something is wrong somewhere?

While waiting for my coach I noted the traffic at the coach station and concluded that there is no way that volume of movement could be accommodated in Brown Street where the one way system would be totally gridlocked.

I am very much afraid that bad traffic management is ruining our beautiful city and will be the death of the tourist trade.

N Jacobs, Salisbury