ON behalf of the committee of the Amesbury carnival and show, I would like to say a big thank you to all those people involved in helping to make sure that Saturday, June 1 was a brilliant day for Amesbury.

The volunteer workforce includes the fire service team that put up the bunting around the town, the scaffolders who made the procession floats safe and secure, all the groups and individuals who took part in the procession, the stewards, marshals, police, St John Ambulance and Raynet, who kept the event safe and running smoothly.

Also thanks to the stall holders and arena performers who put on the entertainment, the people of Amesbury and surrounding area who turned out to watch the procession or were spectators at the showground, and finally the clear up team at the end of the day.

Phil Monk

Chairman, Amesbury Carnival and show committee

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to family, friends and others who very generously sponsored me on my 22-mile swim in support of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance recently at Durrington Swimming Pool.

Cherryll Beswick


MAY I say a big thank you to the two people who came to my assistance and helped me when I fell last week in Brown Street. A man helped me to my feet and a woman made sure I was all right before helping me across the road. Though I was badly shaken, I was ok and very grateful for their assistance.

K Poole


MAY we thank most sincerely the young lady and her mother who picked up our house keys at a bus stop in Harnham on Tuesday, June 24 and handed them in to the police.

We were delighted to get them back and were extremely grateful.

R Martin