I AM writing with regards to the Countess roundabout.

Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site, yet the road leading up to it from Amesbury is an appalling state, the most outstanding culprit being the Countess roundabout, which looks more like an unkempt jungle than a roundabout that tourists pass on their way to Stonehenge.

What is this eyesore of a roundabout saying about Amesbury to the world? That it is a dump, with its overgrown grass and weeds and unkempt trees. Surely the solution is not difficult?

Together the businesses of Amesbury could sponsor the roundabout (like at Stonehenge roundabout in Durrington) and English Heritage could also donate, for the amount it is charging for Stonehenge.

Considering amount of time we have to sit and wait (especially on a Friday), on the roundabout, it would make good business sense to advertise on it.

Pauline Cappleman