OVER the years I have noticed on return to Salisbury the difference in the upkeep of the city and surrounding suburbs.

The council past and present should be ashamed of themselves to let it deteriorate to the levels it has. Some areas are so overgrown, especially the Town Path walk to Harnham.

At Long Bridge the trees are hanging over part of the path and the river is overgrown, with reed blocking river flow. Cyclists have to duck further down to avoid branches overhanging the path. The Market Place tiles I do like, but it would be nice to see them scrubbed clean on a regular basis and some should be done by the retailers of the market stalls and cafes where they let the mess stay until the rain comes. I personally would not want a meal where the floor area is stained with food and drink and never mopped.

I suppose generally it is probably down to the city’s spin-doctors saving money but are blind to see the way they have cut services to the detriment of Salisbury and if it wasn’t for the cathedral who would want to come here?

Len Rumbold