I WOULD like to make a complaint against irresponsible dog owners who are letting their dogs off their leads and then allowing them to be out of control.

Last Saturday we were visiting Salisbury for the day and decided to take my granddaughters for a stroll along the River Avon from the Kings Head to the Queen Elizabeth Gardens play park.

As we got near to the play park they ran on ahead.

A large dog bounded across to them, luckily it was only playing, but one of my granddaughters had a dog jump up at her years ago and gets very upset when this sort of thing happens.

It could have been so different had the dog knocked either of them over or bit them.

I asked the owners to keep their dog under control, they did not apologise but put the dog back on its lead.

My granddaughter was very upset and crying.

This was a couple in their thirties with a young family.

People should know better.

I would estimate that 50 per cent of dogs in the park had leads on and the other 50 per cent did not.

The dog that ran up to my granddaughters was certainly not under control at all and this couple had two other dogs that were running all over the park where people were sitting down trying to enjoy the day. The law states dogs do not have to be on a lead but have to be kept under control at all times.

Needless to say, unless things improve we won’t be coming back. David Evans Andover