I WAS saddened to read our MP's non-committal stance on Gaza.

A violation of international law is indeed a serious matter. It seems clear that an attack on a UN-run school housing refugees is a very obvious breach of international law. Few of us are lawyers but surely we can form a view; indeed our country must do this if we are to exert any influence.

Our MP’s position does not resonate with most people. Hamas does regularly launch rocket attacks and Israel is entitled to defend itself. The anti-rocket 'iron dome' system means that Israel has a very effective form of self-defence. How can it be proportionate to bring about the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians including so many children?

Israel's response seems to strengthen support for Hamas. Its stance is unhelpful to promote a two state solution and is unbecoming of a modern Mediterranean democracy.

We can take a view and we can take action: as a first step I hope our MP is working to make sure arms export licences for items that could be used in Gaza are immediately suspended.

The people of Salisbury are entitled to expect their representative to take a strong stand against disproportionate action in Gaza. We cannot look away.

Reeten Banerji Old Sarum