AS a former resident and now an international visitor, coming home to Wiltshire has always been a pleasure as I grew up here. But on my present trip I am very disappointed by the lack of love that Wiltshire seems to be getting.

It looks like an overgrown and tatty wilderness.

About the approach to what is probably the most historic monument in England (Stonehenge) and the historical town of Amesbury all I can say is “what a dump!”

The Countess Road Roundabout hasn't been cut in years. You used to be able to see from one side to the other but not anymore.

The approach to Amesbury town centre is a disgrace to Wiltshire Council and the residents.

The edges of the roads are all overgrown and lack the care and attention they should be getting. Get your act together Wiltshire Council. I wouldn't be recommending anyone to come to Wiltshire right now.

I am far too ashamed of it.

Ashleigh Stapely