THE Cathedral Close traffic flow experiment commenced on Monday, August 4 with the closing of the cathedral’s main gate to traffic between the hours of 1pm and 6pm on a weekday and 2pm and 5pm on a Saturday.

Motorists are informed by means of signs displayed at what are purported to be key vantage points.

The message is long, involved and almost impossible to take in during the time a motorist, at normal speed, would approach and pass it.

It states that the cathedral is accessible during the times stated above via St. Ann Gate but gives no indication as to how to get there.

Great if you are local, not so good if you are a stranger to the city.

The experiment is causing chaos in the area of the High Street by the main gate.

Pedestrians are persistently put at risk from cars carrying out three point turns and /or reversing out on the main road.

Patrick Campbell Salisbury