AM I the only resident in Laverstock, and within audible range of the community farm’s entertainment events, who is fed up with the frequency, volume, and lack of regard for the natural habitat being practised by those running the community farm and those who sanction such events?

Last weekend I was again forced to close all my windows and doors in the afternoon summer heat in a bid to block out the noise and throughout the evening to turn up the TV in order to hear it.

As a matter of course, farms per se, do not have a plethora of open mic amplified musical entertainment events and I seriously question, indeed challenge, those who grant such licences to justify their decisions.

As a resident, I have willingly completed several building applications forms which consider the effects of any “disturbance” to the natural environment, particularly with regard to habitat and the Site of Special Scientific Interest (which is where this community farm is sited). I bought my house, in part, due to the lovely outlook I am afforded, the peaceful and quiet rural settings and the abundance of wildlife – including a herd of deer and some rare bird species.

Since the community farm has grown and evolved, beyond its farming purpose, it increasingly and detrimentally impacts on the peacefulness and wildlife of the area. Indeed, it has become an unwelcome and intrusive noisy neighbour.

Perhaps I’m being grumpy, but this is the first time I have been so moved to write and publicly express my frustrations with the business funding model of this farm enterprise.

Nick Cane Laverstock