THURSDAY, August 14 marked two years since my beloved dog Teddy went missing on Salisbury Plain.

Many people in the local area, as well as people up and down the country have followed his story.

He was only 11 months old when he went missing and would now be almost three years old.

He was very poorly as an eight-week-old puppy, I syringe-fed him every four hours and watched him fade.

But, with the help of specialist care, we brought him back after almost losing him.

Nobody knew at the time because it didn’t show up on a test but Teddy had ruptured his spleen and almost bled to death, he could quite easily have died.

So Teddy has always been a miracle baby to me and we had a strong bond.

In the months following him first going missing over 15,000 leaflets were sent out with the Stonehenge Trader, delivered to homes and businesses across the SP4 postcode.

Since Teddy went missing we have heard nothing.

There have been no sightings, there have been no leads to follow for a long time. We do not know if Teddy is alive or dead.

We would like to make one last appeal for any information, one last appeal for anyone who has bought or rescued a dog who looks like Teddy to have them checked for a microchip.

We do not want to remove Teddy from a loving home, just know that he is happy and healthy and alive.

Teddy's posters are still shared worldwide from his facebook page which has almost 3,000 members. We have had retweets from Chris Packham and Facebook shares from Debbie Matthews (daughter of Bruce Forsythe).

I am asking for this one last chance to share our story of hope, sadness and despair.

We are determined not to give up and would be so grateful if you could spare a moment of your time. Teddy's facebook page is Lindsey Hiscocks Amesbury