CAN I just say what a delightful experience I had visiting Arundells, the former home of Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath?

Anybody who has not yet visited Arundells is missing out on a real treat.

The staff there are extremely knowledgeable and one is gently guided around the various rooms in an atmosphere of warm congeniality - you are even allowed to sit on the furniture in some rooms.

As a wheelchair user I was very impressed at the service provided. Furthermore, what is so nice is that you get to talk to staff who actually worked for Sir Edward and one is afforded a real insight into the life of this very accomplished, yet it would seem, modest man.

I learned so much on the trip and found myself in quiet admiration of this former Prime Minister (whom I had often seen around the pubs of Salisbury) who had so many talents, achieved so much and yet, unlike so many of today's politicians, did not court the press. It is clear that his staff held him in very high regard. How generous of him to have left his home for the benefit of the nation, the very least we can do by way of thanks, is to visit it.

Eve Elliott-Silvester Salisbury