I READ with interest the article identifying that a developer had submitted a planning application for a major development in the heart of Winterslow on a greenfield site and the emphasis that was placed on the provision of a ‘village green’, the financial benefits of supporting the application and that there had only been one objection.

As a resident I feel this article needs to be balanced against some facts.

The Parish Council instigated the production of a neighbourhood plan and over the last three years the steering group has consulted extensively with the community resulting in a draft plan.

The principle elements in the plan identify that the majority of the community do not want a large-scale development anywhere in the parish, and specifically not in this location.

Our community does, however, want dispersed development across the parish, with the largest sites having a maximum of 15 homes on them.

The parish council carried out its own survey of public opinion in 2015 to verify the findings of the steering group and the statements in the neighbourhood plan.

The results confirmed that neighbourhood plan did indeed reflect the view of the large majority of parishioners.

My view is that the key issue is not the provision of a ‘village green’ on a field that is more suited to be used as a dry ski slope, but the permanent damage to our rural environment which generations of parishioners will have to live with, nevermind the movement of construction vehicles along narrow country roads in the two years this development will take. A development, which Primetower openly stated at a public meeting, “is an urban footprint in design”, is unsuitable for the location and will have a severe impact on the rural aspect of our community.

As for the proposed expenditure on community projects, nothing has been confirmed in writing to the best of my knowledge and to put it mildly developers have not got a very good track record in respect of honouring commitments. Would we really allow these offers to take precedence over the wishes of the majority of parishioners and leave a negative legacy for generations to come? I hope not.

I call on my fellow parishioners to make their voices heard and make it clear this development is not supported and to ensure that their views, as encapsulated in the neighbourhood plan, are respected and acted upon by the parish council (who instigated the process), the Wiltshire Planning Department and if necessary the Southern Area Planning Committee.

John Burnett, Winterslow