I was born and have lived in this village for 72 years, and my family on both sides go back to at least the 17th Century in this area.

Having attended the extraordinary general meeting of Winterslow Parish Council on April 12, I feel compelled to make the following observations.

The Middleton Road site came under fire in one respect because it was outside the building line.

This also applies to the Neighbourhood Plan proposals. Some of which have already gained planning permission. At least two of these sites have been turned down for planning in the past.

The Middleton Road site guarantees 18 homes that are affordable, and also for the young and elderly, which will be in perpetuity. This will be a much needed asset to the village.

The NP proposal at Weston Lane has problems concerning access at the recreation ground end and environmental concerns on Weston Lane end.

Another danger here is that once opened up, the whole area could become an ongoing situation, as has happened at Saxon Lees and Young’s Paddock.

No developer will just look at the small site shown to him. He will look around to evaluate opportunities that are adjacent.

More development may not happen for a long time, but if it should, what a poor legacy we leave for future generations.

During public question time, opinions for and against were voiced on all proposals, healthy democracy.

This then deteriorated when a speaker for Middleton Road mentioned previous acts carried out by the land owners, i.e. the village hall and surgery site donation to the village.

This was greeted by SO WHAT, followed by laughter and much clapping. I would remind the SO WHATS of the help given by this family and many others that enhance this village.

The previous village hall, the school improvements and swimming pool, the recreation ground, Barry’s field, the tireless work carried out by the various churches etc. etc. If your attitude and contribution towards what used to be a pleasant and united village is SO WHAT, then shame on you.

The Middleton Road plan will be frozen as presented, the offer of The Green will guarantee this.

We have to accept more houses in our village.

We should be very careful, development in a place where spread is contained is more preferable than building in an area it cannot.

D. Read