I RECENTLY received a Conservative Party flyer through my door, urging me to vote for Matthew Dean in the local elections, the subject matter concerned the tip opening hours, he was asking for local resident’s’ opinions on his suggestions, so I wrote the following to him....

I do not support the campaign to open an hour later or an extra day. The reality is that local authorities have no money, there is a squeeze on social care, bus services and much more. My proposal is that there is flexi-opening, a few early mornings, a few later evenings. This would not cost the council any more but offers flexibility.

Opening on a Friday is no good for people who work full-time, the dump will still be queued down the road on a Saturday or Sunday. Opening on a Friday doesn’t support working families who are forced to spend their precious family time queuing at the dump at the weekend.

Rather than spending more money on longer hours, Wiltshire council should be promoting schemes like freecycle/repair cafes/upcycling. We should be encouraging people NOT to throw away.

Rather than spending money on longer opening times, Wiltshire council should be persuading manufacturers and local retailers to reduce packaging.

Wiltshire council should be persuading residents to reduce their waste and therefore reduce recycling and the reliance on the local tip.

I have had no reply from Mr Dean. Theresa May promotes her party as the party listening to and thinking about working families, well locally this does not appear to be the case, this particular idea does not help working families and like so many Conservative policies is a quick fix.

What we want are long-term sustainable answers to problems, for our young families, our working populations and our children’s future. Maybe the Conservative Party and the Conservative Wiltshire Council should start listening to their residents?

Karen Mawson, Salisbury