I READ with interest the letter in last week’s Salisbury Journal entitled Voter Action.

This reassured me that I hadn’t missed information being disseminated from prospective Unitary Councillors whilst being on holiday over the Easter period – it was simply the fact that nothing was out there.

I was happy to see that the Salisbury Journal was endeavouring to remedy this as the front of the paper detailed information was thankfully contained within to provide the readers with what they should know.

Having read about the three Bourne Valley Candidates I am still no wiser about what they will do for local people.

In fact on reading information on five other local Conservative candidates in the same article, they have all provided the same info – in that they “look forward to being a strong voice working on behalf of the community and across the whole of Wiltshire”.

Dr Carlton Brand, Wiltshire’s returning officer informs us that “those that are elected will make daily decisions that will affect the lives of individuals, families and communities right across Wiltshire” and presents a simple message of “those that are registered to vote, please do so on May 4 and make your decision, as it’s a vital one”.

As a postal voter I am currently unable to decide who should be my preferred candidate for the Bourne and Woodford Valley.

As stated by the reader the previous week, the Code of Conduct stipulates “To fulfil the role, an effective unitary councillor should have good communication, presentation skills, mediation and conflict resolution skills. Integrity and the ability to set aside own views and act impartially”.

If they can’t communicate in the first instance with those they are seeking to represent, how on earth can we be assured that they will represent us in Trowbridge?

Name and address supplied