AS a lifelong Salisbury resident but living for last 12 years 100ft away from UK House,Castle St, I am utterly appalled at the council’s decision of August 24 and some very disturbing factors concerning it.

Firstly the look of this new building is atrocious and will not enhance Castle St, rather it will lower it, considerably.

I am also disgusted at the noise, inconvenience and absolute chaos this will now bring me and my neighbours.

I am disgusted as a former electrical maintenance worker at said building as I know it could have been converted, no need for demolition.

It’s disgraceful that scaffolding serving absolutely no purpose but to make the building look an eyesore has been fixed to it for at least two years at a guess. It seems to have done the job.

Disgraceful that a councillor I voted for on this very issue does a 180 degree u-turn on this decision. Next time I will vote to remove this man. He should feel very ashamed for his lies to the electorate. There is no excuse.

My fear now is for the future of the other former Aviva building in Castle St and don’t forget the already horrendous decision that flats are to be built on the coach park.

Wiltshire Council are systematically destroying Salisbury, from the bus station, market place, park and ride just look at other stories in last week’s Journal, like pensioner facing eviction from her land and ludicrous overkill plan for 740 homes.

Please wake up and rebel people because Wiltshire Council is where nobody matters but themselves.

A W Clark, Salisbury