THANK you to BJ Townsend from Idmiston (Postbag, April 26), it is so good to read that someone else agrees with me.

I and many of my colleagues have thought for a long time that it is very unhygienic and inconsiderate of some parents to allow their children to ride in supermarket trolleys. These parents obviously do not stop to think that their children’s dirty shoes are walking all over a receptacle that is meant to be reserved for food.

In this age of health and safety I am amazed that supermarkets allow it.

Some years ago I contacted a local supermarket to complain about this and was told that their security officers have been asked to stop parents allowing this practice.

At the same supermarket I have regularly seen parents pushing a trolley with a child standing up in it going past a security officer who does nothing about it.

I would like to ask the local supermarket managers what their opinion is and what they are going to do about it – or are they afraid of losing customers?